Combine Elements of Nature to Generate New Life Forms.

The goal is to make the rarest, higher-tier NFTs by combining basic elements - Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Mint 50+ Alien Creatures

The first NFTs that can COMBINE, BREAK and SPLIT.

Dynamic Rarity

First NFT with dynamic Rarity. You and the community decide the rarity.

Interactive Opensea NFT

NFT transforms based on user interaction & change lighting.

Metaverse Game

It's the place of real action and serious fun. The game arena where you can send your creatures to fight with other players. Each creatures have different level of abilities and unique features.

Passive Income Through Nft Staking

Shells of Cowrie is used in Planet EO as unit of value. When look into human history, our first currency is also shells. $SHELL will be distributed to users when they stake their NFT. The rewards will be proportional to Nft's immunity and tier.